Vitamins and Minerals for a Happy Healthy Body – Easy Regular Food Source

Vitamins and Minerals are essential for the body and they help in vital functioning of the human body. These are some simple easy sources of vitamins and minerals for a good healthy diet and happy health.

Food Non-Meat Egg source Meat and Egg Source
Calcium Milk, Spinach, Fortified Cereals  
Choline (Vit B Complex) Milk, Peanuts Liver, Eggs
Chromium Some Cereals Meat, Poultry, Fish
Copper Nuts, Seeds, Cereals Seafood
Fiber Cereal, peas, lentils, fruits, vegetables  
Fluoride  fluoridated water or mouth rinses Some sea fish
Folic Acid Dark leafy vegetables, Whole grain bread, fortified cereals  
Iodine Iodized salt  
Iron Fortified cereals, Lentils Meat, Eggs
Magnesium Green leafy vegetables, Almonds  
Manganese Nuts, Tea, Whole grains  
Phosphorous Milk, Dairy Products, Bread Meat, Eggs
Potassium Banana, Potatoes, Yogurt Tuna Fish
Selenium Brazil Nuts Organ Meat, Seafood
Sodium Salted Butter Salted Meat
Vitamin A Carrots, Spinach, Fortified cereal  
Vitamin  B1 Whole grain, bread, cereal  
Vitamin B2 Milk, Bread  
Vitamin B3 Whole grain, bread, cereal Meat. Fish, poultry
Vitamin B5 Oats, Potatoes, Cereal, Potatoes Chicken, Meat
Vitamin B6 Fortified cereals Organ meat
Vitamin B7 Many fruits Liver, meat
Vitamin B12 Fortified cereals Meat, Poultry, Fish
Vitamin C Oranges, Lime, Broccoli  
Vitamin D fortified milk products, fortified cereals Fish liver oils, fatty fish
Vitamin E almonds, peanut butter  
Vitamin K Green vegetables like spinach, sprouts; cabbage  
Zinc Fortified cereals Red meats, some seafood


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