24x7 Ambulance Service

Ambulance Pick Up Service 24x7, Anytime, Anywhere

If there is a medical emergency like Heart Attack, Stroke, Burns, or an Accident do you have an ambulance phone number?
Most likely not. And even if you have a number, the ambulance may not be available. That leaves you completely helpless.

The 24 hour Ambulance Cell of DESUN is constantly in touch with major Ambulance Services operating all over Siliguri and in districts even at midnight. Just call the 24 -hour Emergency Helpline Number 90 5171 5171.

Even at Midnight

  • The Ambulance Pick-up service is available even at midnight in all Siliguri Pin Code areas, for admission to DESUN Hospital, Siliguri.
  • For areas outside Siliguri, Desun is in constant touch with over 300 Ambulances covering rest Districts in North Bengal.

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