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“Due to my health problems I had to be admitted in ICUs many times. I had been to 4-5 ICUs of different countries in the past including two of them in Los Angeles and Delhi. But nowhere I got such personalized service. Here I felt like home.” When asked to him that what according to him is special about Desun? Rodrigues commented, “Here doctors, nurses and staff anticipate the needs. I didn’t have to ask for anything. Before I could say it was ready. My past experience of hospital was very mechanical but Desun changed my view.”

– Rudolf Rodrigues, 82, admitted for ‘control less-ness in the left part of the body

FAQ For Corporate TPA Parients

Third Party Administrator or TPA is a service given to a Mediclaim policyholder by providing Cashless Facility (depending on the case) for hospitalisations that come under the scope of his/her Mediclaim Policy.

Certain expenses are not covered in the insurance. However the exclusion list is not exhaustive. There may be other exclusions specific to that particular treatment/ procedure. Get in touch with the DESUN TPA Helpdesk Room No. 15, Ground Floor for further information. Some of the items not covered are mentioned below:

  • Administrative Expenses: Admission charges, Registration charges, Medico-legal charges, Attendant stay charges, Relative stay charges, Additional stay…
  • Consumable Expenses: Antiseptic, Disinfectant solutions, Soap, Powder(talc), Oil, Cream, Sanitary pads…
  • Service Expenses: Private Nurse charges…
  • Appliance Expenses: Water bed, Air cushion, Glucometer…
  • Miscellaneous Expenses: Ambulance Charges, Laundry Charges…

At DESUN the room rents are affordable. The bed charges are as follows :

Your bed entitlement will be as per your policy. You can opt for a room in higher category subject to bearing the additional expenses. For example: If a patient opts for higher category bed then any differential in expenses like doctor fees, investigation charges, procedure charges etc arising due to a more expensive room will be borne by the patient.

At DESUN the room rents are affordable. The bed charges are as follows :

Bed Charges w.e.f. 06-11-2019

Sl. No. Bed TYPE CHARGES (in Rupees)
1 SUITE 9500/-
2 ICU / ITU 6000/-
3 ICU / ITU (ISOLATION) 7000/-
4 BURNS UNIT 7500/-
6 SINGLE ROOM 5500/-
8 DOUBLE ROOM 3000/-
10 NICU LEVEL 1 / NURSERY 1500/-
11 NICU LEVEL 2 2000/-
12 NICU LEVEL 3 2500/-
13 EMERGENCY CHARGES/Hr. 500/- Per Hour


  • Our charges are subject to revision, hence the rate charged in our bill, should be considered as the existing rate.
  • If a patient is transferred from upper bed to lower bed before 12 noon, he/she will be charged as per lower bed charges and when transferred from lower to upper bed, he/she will be charged as per upper bed charges, irrespective of the time of transfer.
  • Rates are subject to change as per management decision.

Yes the Specialist Doctors will treat your patient. At DESUN Specialist Doctors attend a patient immediately on Emergency admissions like Heart Attack, Brain stroke, Burns, Accidents etc.

In case of Planned Surgery Cases:

  • Go to the TPA helpdesk Room No. 15 in the ground floor two days prior for a pre-authorisation.
  • Bring the documents like – Corporate Employee card, TPA card of the patient, Patient’s Identity Card like Voter’s ID card, Aadhar Card, Pan Card, Driving Licence, Doctor’s prescription, and relevant supporting reports.
  • Hospital will send the requisition to your TPA.
  • Once the approval comes from your TPA you will be informed and you can get admitted for the surgery.

Incase of Emergency Admission:

  • If you don’t have the documents mentioned above with you at the time of admission then you have to submit the documents within 24 hours of your admission at Room No. 15, Ground Floor

Non Medical:

  • Corporate Employee Identity Card of the employee
  • Mediclaim Card of the patient
  • Photo Identity Proof of the patient (Voter Card, Aadhar Card, PAN Card, Driving license…)


  • Previous Medical Documents (if any)
  • Doctor’s Prescription