Desun Hospital

Desun Hospital is Eastern India’s Youngest NABH Accredited Hospital. NABH is an acronym for National Board for Hospitals & Healthcare Providers, founded by the Government of India in 2006 as a benchmark for excellence in healthcare. In brief, NABH has an exhaustive list of 500+ distinct elements that need to be fully implemented and operational in order to get the NABH accreditation.  It has 300 beds and 21 Multispecialty Departments. The Hospital is located at EM Bypass, Kasba Golpark,
Kolkata – 107. The founder and promoter of the hospital is Mr. Sajal Dutta.

The Mission of Desun hospital is to continuously improve the quality of the entire range of hospital services and to emerge as the most reputed hospital in the country.

Its Vision is to deliver world-class tertiary healthcare services at affordable cost.

Desun hospital’s Quality Policy is commitment in providing professional healthcare services by continuously improving and innovating changes in the quality management parameters.

DESUN Hospital is already well known for its reasonability of prices vis-à-vis the high levels of quality and care that it extends to all its patients. First we started with Angiography at 7,000/-, Heart Bypass at 75,000/- & Angioplasty at 70,000/- (with one stent) which no other hospital in India offers. Then we further pulled down the price of pacemakers to 49,000/- throwing in a lifeline to those who couldn’t afford it. The Hospital’s aim is to make sure that medical help is given to those who require it and that cost should not come in way of availing of quality medical treatment. With the NABH accreditation we can proudly say that we are the only hospital in the Eastern Zone to provide high quality treatment at the lowest possible cost.

DESUN Hospital offers a range of facilities, such as:

  • Booking of Appointments
  • Guest House Facility
  • Cafeteria and Cyber Zone
  • 24 Hours Pharmacy & Diagnostic Services
  • 24 Hours Emergency and Ambulance Services
  • 24 Hours Specialist Doctors
  •  One Ventilator with each ICU bed
  • Deposit free Emergency Admission

Desun Hospital one of the best medical facility in Kolkata where patients not only from Kolkata but rest of West Bengal and parts of India visit for low cost affordable treatment