Quit Cigarette Smoking  This New Year 2012

This new year 2012 take the resolution to quit Cigarette smoking and also to make cigarette smokers aware of the ill effects of smoking on cardiac health, Lungs and our body in general. Live long and Live Healthy – Motivate yourself and inspire others to quit cigarette and do good to their cardiac and lungs.

Smoking Kills - Quit Smoking This New Year 2012

Smoking can damage the cardiac health in many ways coupled with the lungs and our body in general. Just run your eyes quickly through this article and know how you can help your heart and lungs by quitting smoking.

Smokers are many times more at the risk of having a cardiac problem than non smokers. Smoking is a major preventable killer and can be controlled just by being aware. There is no Safe Smoking Limit concept  )-: 

Smoking decreases oxygen to heart and other tissues, it reduces HDL- the good cholesterol and increases Blood Pressure and Heart rate and many such ill effects.

Smoking is a major reason for lung cancer. More than 80% of lung cancer in men and 70% in women are due to smoking.  Smokers have more than 10 times risk of lung cancer than life long non smokers. The mortality rate is very high. Lung cancer can be very painful.  The duration, frequency and number of cigarettes influence the percentage of risk of lung cancer.

 Live Happily Healthy and Quit Smoking This New Year 2012. Become an Inspiration and Motivate others. 




Awareness Article written in Public Interest by  Desun Hospital & Heart Institute.


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