Vellore or Desun Hospital Kolkata for Operations – Travel Cost | Follow Up | Surgery Cost | Medical Facilities

Traveling to Vellore has been a popular opinion to go to for Affordable, Quality Medical Treatment. Today Desun Hospital and Heart Institute in Kolkata is offering High Quality Affordable Surgery facilities for heart and other operations in Kolkata. To Know About Surgery Packages and Costs Call : 99039 96804 | 90070 77755 | www.desunhospital.com.  The Infrastructure of Desun Hospital Kolkata is updated and the cost of operations is very affordable as Vellore. People in many parts of Bengal, Eastern India, North-Eastern India and Kolkata will find Desun Hospital & Heart Institute a very good option to Vellore on Cost of Treatment, Experience of Desun Hospital in completing complicated heart and other surgeries, Infrastructure and Quality of Medical Treatment.

Taking as Example Heart Bypass, few Points to Consider

1.       Desun Hospital has 99% Success Rate

2.       Average Expense is around Rupees 1,20,000 (One Lakh Twenty Thousand)

3.       Post Surgery Follow Up Cost will be much lower than travelling to Vellore

4.       Lodging, Food and Travelling expense for people of Kolkata, Eastern India and Parts of West Bengal will be lower compared to the distance of Vellore.

These factors and difference of expense is for all heart operations, like

1.       Heart Stent with Angioplasty

2.       ASD (Hole in Heart)

3.       Valve Replacement (DVR,AVR,MVR)

Some More Facts about Desun Hospital & Heart Institute

Desun Hospital and Heart Institute is a well equipped 300 bed hospital with state of art heart care infrastructure that is available within affordable cost.
1. Desun Hospital & Heart Institute is a NABH Accredited Hospital by Government of India
2. Desun Hospital is the Number “1” hospital in the list of Class 1 hospitals under West Bengal Health Scheme
3. Desun Hospital and Heart Institute is among the only 2 Super Specialty Hospitals in Eastern India as per the Central Government Health Scheme

Desun Hospital includes many other important Departments

1.       Cardiology

2.       Cardiac Surgery

3.       Kidney Transplant

4.       Nuero Surgery

5.       Orthopedics (with Hip and Knee Replacement facility)

6.       Urology

In all these Super Specialty Departments Desun Hospital kolkata’s expense for surgery is much lower than the cost of operation in Vellore. Today many patients and families are selecting Desun Hospital and Heart Institute.

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