Swine Flu  – Causes | Prevention | Symptoms | Treatment | Awareness

Swine flu or H1N1 virus is named so several years’ back. It was mostly common with people who had come in contact with pigs, but now it is like any flu that can impact people who have not been in contact with pigs.

Myth: Consuming pork will not infect a person with swine flu.

World Health Organization: WHO has declared swine flu or H1N1 to be pandemic and it affects people in many parts of the world each year.

Vaccine: vaccine is available for swine flu; it is good to take the flu vaccine to prevent swine flu.

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H1N1 Flu Virus – Swine Flu (Representative Image only) 

Causes of Swine Flu

It is highly infectious and catches quickly. The spread is rapid if one gets exposed to another person who is infected with swine flu. The infection is in the air as people sneeze, it can also get transmitted if one touches objects that may have traces of the virus, like sinks, mobile phones, taps and other such objects recently touched by an infected person not cleaned thereafter.

It usually gets transmitted through our eyes, nose and mouth.

Prevention of Swine Flu

Vaccine or flu shots can help

If one is infected with swine flu the person should stay indoors, do not go to public places or among people. The person needs to keep all the objects he uses away from others, sterile or keep it clean and hygienic.

Hand hygiene is very important. It is imperative to wash our hand well (with soap and water rubbing between fingers, a little above the wrist with some time) , before eating

It is best not to touch eyes, lips, inside the mouth, nose or any other facial area near the mouth without washing hands well.

People suffering from diabetes, asthma, high blood pressure, any other infection or ailment, weak immune system needs to be more careful in terms of contact with objects, hand hygiene and good health habits.

Balanced diet and maintaining a healthy body can also help in prevention of swine flu. Diet rich in vitamin C, Vitamin D, Omega 3 and Zinc can be helpful for some.

Salt water Gargle once or twice a day and also clean your nostrils once a day with lukewarm (warm you can tolerate comfortably and feel safe) after blowing them clean. Salt water is an effective protection as the virus takes 2-3 days to spread and show the impact.

Symptoms of Swine Flu or H1N1

The impact usually stays for 7 days for adults with normal health condition, for children it may go upto 10 days, people with other health ailments or weak immune system may require more time

Some common symptoms includes

  • Cough
  • Sore throat or pain in throat
  • Runny nose or stuffy nose
  • Fever
  • Body ache
  • Chills
  • Fatigue
  • Diarrhea
  • Headache
  • Vomiting or nausea
  • Rashes

It is important to see a specialist doctor without delay if there is sudden body ache, runny or stuffy nose and fever or any other above mentioned symptoms/s

More complications

Things can get complicated for people suffering from high diabetes, asthma and cardiac related problems.

People already suffering from neurological problems may get confusions or seizers

Respiratory support may be required during treatment for some patients


Medicines are available; also some patients may need other health supports like special nutrition or respiratory, cardiac or neurological supports that are mostly available in superspeciality hospitals with modern health infrastructure for latest medical treatment.

Proper diagnosis facility, medicines and specialist doctors are also needed.

Spread the Awareness

Avoid traveling in areas from where large number of cases is reported. If you are traveling please do read and follows medical advice.

Spread Awareness

Spread the message among your near and dear ones, social and community circles about the hygiene steps to be followed by infected and non-infected individuals

Use the social media, mobile sms, whatsapp to send article links to people. Share and post articles on swine flu updates.

Help people infected with swine flu to get specialist doctors, reach hospital, get medicines and do other social responsibility to help others and make people aware.

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