Shopping is Good for Heart and Health

Weekends are great time for shopping.  We all love to shop and spend time in great looking shopping malls looking at and trying things.

Window shopping ca also be fun and also allows us to keep updated about recent trends in fashion. 

Weekends are popular shopping time for family and working individuals alongside the busy afternoons at shopping malls where we see kids and moms and younger girls and boys.

Shopping is good for heart and health. Shopping allows us to move, turn, stretch and bent while walking across the shop windows, displays, trying the displayed articles etc It is always better to have some walk than to sitting whole day. Shopping also makes us feel happy as we look and imagine trying and buying things around. It also allows our mind to think diverse things that are mostly not stressful. It is break from the daily grind.  

The colourful shopping malls, shops, well decorated and with a lot of happy people around pumps happy energy in us and we feel good. dc6apLkdi

If we are regular in shopping areas, malls we need to be careful of the mouth watering junk foods as frequent consumption can increase body weight and it is bad for health.  It is better to carry clean drinking water from home to avoid aerated drinks and have some healthy home cooked food before starting our shopping so that some healthy little munch suffice the hunger we get while moving here there.

We need to be careful about our child / children and keep a watch on them also bags and other articles so that we do not misplace any.

It is always not important to buy, that we can also do online, but it is important to walk around, see many beautiful things and be among happy people for some time, it will refresh our mind and body.

People Health Awareness Article by Desun Hospital and Heart Institute


Article Input Thanks: http://www.heartfoundation.org.au/healthy-eating/mums-united/articles/Pages/shopping-good.aspx