Seasonal Affective Disorder – SAD

Whenever winter approaches do you feel irritated or grumpy? Lose interest in daily activities? Well this is not about mere liking’s or disliking but could be a disorder, Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) or sometimes coined as ‘winter depression’. Not only during winters can people be its prey during summers too.

Seasonal Affective Disorder - SAD

Seasonal Affective Disorder – SAD


Feeling depressed almost everyday

Lower energy levels

Disliking the liked things


Appetite changes, as it increases carbohydrate cravings

Weight gain

Over emotional


Reduction in Serotonin levels – an element that affects our mood.

Disruption of Melatonin levels – an element that affects our sleep

Biological clock – it affects our sleep and wake pattern.

Who are at risk?

Gender – Occurrence of SAD is more in females.

Age – Younger generation are more likely at risk.

Location – People living far from equator in Cold areas tend to be its prey

Family History – people having anyone in the family suffering SAD bears the risk of developing Seasonal Affective Disorder.


Suicidal thoughts

Social aloofness

Problems at workplaces


Regular exercise

Increase Vitamin D intake

Increase the intake of Omega 3

Curtail fast food from your diet