Safe and Happy Diwali | Deepavali | Kali Puja

Diwali or deepavali and Kali Puja (Puja of Mother Goddess Kali)  is a festival of lights and colours in India. This festival witnesses a lot of revelry by people. People usually light mud baked diyas with oil or ghee in houses or decorate houses, offices with electrical lighting. Burning fire crackers is a part of this festival and the skies get lighted with colourful firework. There are a lot of scrumptious foods and sweets prepared or purchased that people eat at home, invite guests and also send as gifts to others.

Safe and Happy Diwali 2014

Safe and Happy Diwali 2014  

1. Be careful of open fire in diyas and candles and managing electrical lighting

Open fire from diyas and candles can be very dangerous if we are not careful and can cause major burns. Electrical lightings needs special care like not touching with wet hands, not trying to tamper the wiring and keeping them away from fire. It is better to take service of a licensed electrician for large lighting areas.

  1. Wash hand well before having food and sweets. Also buy food and sweets from regular shops

Hands may contain dirt and also powders of fireworks etc that if consumed can be fatal. It is very important to wash hand well before we eat. It is also important to buy sweets and food from regular shops where we are sure of quality.

  1. Practice prescribed caution while lighting fireworks

Trying to light fireworks in not prescribed way can cause serious damage to people and property.

  1. Keep big water buckets, burn lotions, emergency medical numbers and fire brigade numbers handy

It is important to keep water buckets filled with water handy, along with burn lotions, icebox and pads in case of any burn. Also for medical emergency it is best to have a medical emergency hospital admission number in phone book so to call as soon as possible in case of any unforeseen event.

  1. Wear cotton clothes

Cotton clothes are safe than synthetic, chiffon etc clothing when we are near fire.

  1. Keep a watch on children

Children are usually restless and have habit of running and playing here and there. It is important to keep them away from open fire and fireworks.

  1. Keep pets away from lighted fire and firework area

Pets may get scared of fire, lights and sound. Their sudden movement can cause any accident, so it is better to keep them in any safe comfortable place.

  1. If there are elders and infants in your neighborhood, practice caution and avoid sound emitting crackers

Sound emitting crackers can cause a lot of problems to elderly people, heart patients, elders, infants and newborns. We need to take special care to keep them comfortable and make others aware too.

  1. Spread the message and help others

Make people in your communality aware of the safety measures that we should follow in diwali, do that we all have fun, enjoy a happy and healthy diwali.

People Awareness Post on Diwali  by www.desunhospital.com