Precautions for the Rainy Months

During the rainy days we need to follow certain precaution for prevention of health related problems.

  1. Avoid getting wet in rain if you are susceptible to cough and cold. Use rain protection gears like umbrella, raincoat and gum boots to avoid getting wet in rain. It is advisable to dry yourself as soon as possible.
  2. Avoid outside food, open food as accumulated rain water helps breeds many insects and this time we also see a lot of flies that can infect our food. This can lead to serious health problems
  3. Wash your legs and exposed skin to rain water, accumulated water  in streets etc to avoid skin problems
  4. Walk carefully in streets where there is accumulated water
  5. Electrical equipments if exposed to water , live wires etc snapped during storms can be fatal , be alert
  6. Drive slow when it is raining , do check your vehicle’s tyres are in good condition or not and do needful
  7. Use disinfectant powders or chemicals (permissible) in accumulated water , drains etc
  8. If you are getting fever or other health problems that is not improving do consult your doctor to the earliest
  9. Avoid cold drinks and other such cold temperature food and drinks

During rainy months, thunderstorms etc it becomes little more difficult to get medical help in case of any health emergency, especially during midnights. It is advisable to have an Emergency Hospital Number saved in your Mobile Phone where you can get emergency medical help, admission, doctors and ambulance even at midnight.

Article in People Interest by Desun Hospital and Heart Institute www.desunhospital.com

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