Examination Time Stress Management

Exam time it is usual for students, parents and even teachers to get stressed. Stress needs to be managed well alongside some lifestyle changes for better performance, avoiding physical damage and to preserve energy to deliver optimum effort. Disturbed mind and tired body due to stress can make us

  1. Less attentive
  2. Erroneous
  3. Forgetful
  4. Decrease efficiency
  5. Not at our best
  6. Irritated
  7. Fatigued

We all do last hours revision, fresh study and do get worried; it is natural and regular with most people. But it is important to manage stress and also perform well.

Exam Time Stress Managment

Exam Time Stress Managment

Some quick points

  1. Stress hormones will be there, it is better to accept that we will get stressed and we need to manage it well and keep stress to the minimum
  2. Daily exercising can help us to be active. Exercising helps relaxes tensed muscles and also it is a good time when we are completely not thinking of studies. Mind training, yoga, meditation also helps.
  3. It is important to plan the day and the study time so that we can get enough sleep that is required to keep us energetic.
  4. Relaxing is also important, do not stop pursuing your hobby or things you like doing completely, you may cut short the time but do not stop.
  5. Get help of your support group, like friends, parents, siblings, teachers and other people with whom you can share your thoughts and feel good.
  6. Build a routine for your study schedule, the perfect mix that keeps your comfortable and interested.
  7. Time management, you can take help of your seniors and teachers.
  8. Eating freshly cooked health food is important. Avoid junk foods.

For the Day of the Exam

  1. Keep your required things ready or get it inside the bag you are carrying well ahead of the time you are going to start for the exam destination
  2. Eat healthy food, enough water, do take any prescribed medicine you are advised
  3. Start early with some time in hand

During the exam

1.Start relaxed

2.Read the instruction well

3.Set your time goals

After the exam

1.Do not discuss much with people

2.Eat some healthy food

3.Relax or do things you like for sometime

4.Take rest or small nap

Health Awareness Tips For Examination Time by Desun Hospital and Heart Institute