Cyclone – Stay Calm, Safe, Prepared




  1. Check windows and doors if they are closing properly and keep them closed during the storm

2. Inspect if there are loose tiles, covers, sheets. Tighten them up or remove the loose materials to avoid any accident kitchen-1940174_960_720

3. Do not keep flower tubs on the ledges of the verandah, terrace or roof

4. Trim tree branches around your home and in your locality

5. Buy and store food items, medicines, water, batteries and candles

6. Switch off heavy and less essential electrical equipment, gas cooking ovens, LPG cylinders, etc. interior-1961070_960_720

7. Keep water stored in buckets – if there is no electricity for long hours, the water pump will not work

8. Make suitable arrangement for pets at home

9. Teach children what to do during cyclones and elders can do a mock drill

10. Keep cars in covered garages or in safe places

11. Keep the radio on for latest news on cyclone progress


  1. Stay in the well-protected part of the office, away from glass windows  architecture-22039_960_720

2. Switch off computers, air conditioners and other heavy electrical gadgets; only use the most necessary ones

3. Do not panic; help each other

4. Carry food items, medicines and an emergency kit to work. Cary rain gear to stay protected

meeting-2284501_960_7205. Keep cell phones charged, keep listening to the radio, follow the cyclone progress in social media and news portals



  1. Ensure that gutters are cleaned of garbage and debris so that they do not get clogged

2. Trim the big as well as weak trees that may fall, or give them some kind of support so that they do not fall and block roads or damage people and property. If necessary call the appropriate authorities to cut the trees

3. Keep areas around electrical transformers and heavy electrical set-ups and telephone exchanges free from clutter  power-poles-503935_960_720

4. Check community halls, school buildings, open grounds in the area to see if they are fit to accommodate people for shelter during any major emergency. Do involve appropriate authority in all such processes

5. In case of official (government) evacuation orders, do move fast as per the orders and direction


  1. Remain calm, take some rest and put your home, office, etc., back in order


2. People who have taken shelter outside their homes or at evacuation locations, must return home only after orders are received from the appropriate authority to do so. Return home through advised routes only

3. Water may get contaminated, so use water purifier tablets, boil water and drink till power connection is reinstated and water purifier machines are working

4. Use resources like stored food and water as required till normalcy is restored town-2430571_960_720

5. Check LPG cooking gas, electrical switches & equipments for any damage or leak before starting to use them again

6. Stay protected and be aware of snapped electrical wires, accumulated water, damaged buildings and roads

7. Co-operate and inform local authorities on any public facility that needs to be repaired