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‘Burns’ are one of the most common form domestic injuries. It causes serious skin damage which may cause cell to die. Burns if not treated on time can lead to fatal health problems and even cause death. DESUN Hospital experts at BURNS Unit Kolkata and Siliguri share experience on burns prevention and treatment. Burns are broadly classified into

Minor or first degree burns

Second degree burns

Severe or third degree burns

Fourth degree burn

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Characteristics of BURNS

Minor or FIRST Degree Burns

No Blisters, only redness of skin

Mild swelling of skin

Dry peeling of skin


SECOND Degree Burns


Skin thickening


Severe or THIRD Degree Burns

White leathery skin

Charred skin

Breathing complications

FOURTH Degree Burns 

Burns extending to bones and tendons


Reasons of burn

‘Burns’ mainly cause due to carelessness in handling inflammable things and electronic gadgets. They can be broadly divided to

Hot boiling liquids

Burns from electronic gadgets

Extreme exposure in sun

Burns from chemicals

Burns from candles, match sticks


Short circuit

Safeguard against burns

Check all electrical gadgets and wires

Keep the matchsticks and lighters in lock, out of reach of children

Use chemicals wearing gloves

Discard electrical cord with open wires

Lit off the cylinders after use

Keep fire extinguishers near the kitchen

Check wirings once a month

Keep inflammable things like oil, kerosene in safe area

First Aid in burns

In case of minor or first degree burns

Wash the wound in cold water

May apply aloevera gel to the wound

Remove the tight jewelries if it’s on or around the wound

Visit a physician if needed

In case of second degree burns

Wash the wound under cold running water

Apply antibiotic if on the wound

Don’t pop the blisters

Visit a physician

In case of third degree burns

Don’t put water to the wound

Take care that no clothes are stuck to the wounds

Needs immediate medical intervention

Healing the burns

First degree burns heals sooner whereas second degree burns take some time depending upon the intensity of burns, however third degree burns takes much time to heal.

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Where to contact in case of burn emergency ?

Desun Hospital Kolkata is the first private hospital to have Burns Unit of International Standards with specialist doctors to treat primary, secondary & tertiary burns.

How Desun Burns Unit is unique?

DESUN Hospital is among the very private / non government hospitals with 24 Hours Burns Unit both at Kolkata and Siliguri Location.  Emergency – Kolkata ” 9051715171 | Siliguri : 9051640000

Modern burns unit

Round the clock availability of Burn care team of Plastic Reconstructive Surgeon, Physiotherapist to prevent and reduce post burn complications, critical care doctors, Psychiatrist, Nutritionist, nursing and critical care medical team.

Complete isolation units to prevent and reduce infection

Sterile rooms for wound dressing

Post procedure rehabilitation and care

Every required Burns treatment under one roof

High success rate

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