Arranging Your Wardrobe can be an Inspiration for Weight Loss

Arranging your wardrobe can be an inspiration to loose excess body weight. Thinking How? My inspiration to write this article is my old friend Jogita . Few days back I met Jogita at a party and it was amazing to see her looking much fit and beautiful, I noticed she had lost weight.

It was a talking topic of the party and she revealed her side of story, what inspired her to act so determined.Female_Vector_Character_Wearing_Fashionable_Clothes_Small

Two years back around this time, she just decided to arrange her wardrobe and get rid of the old clothes that she has not been wearing for long.  To her surprise she found that most of her clothes not used for long are in excellent condition and almost not used; they simply do not fit her as she has put on too much of weight over the last few years.

Life has been very demanding for her, corporate job, getting to office at time, long working hours, home management, devoting time for kid and husband other social duties  had left no time for work-outs and fitness regimes. Also regular consumption of junk food, sleeping at odd hours clubbed with all these.

She decided to get into a weight loss regime that suits her life style.  The first thing she met her doctor and got a few simple tests done and got sure that there is not much significant problem other than diabetes range (Blood Sugar – Type II) that is getting higher. The trend showed an increase over time.

Then she joined a morning walk circle in her locality. Planning the strict routine was never easy. Bed time became early by cutting off the television viewing time to wake up early morning. By 6.30 am she joined her local walking circle contacting over whatsapp.  By 7.30 back home checking the daily work with the maids and off to office dropping her daughter Sarika to school.

The regular cafeteria lunch got replaced by home cooked food.  On the way back home alternate days going to gym or yoga class, within one month that became difficult to continue anymore due to time constraints. 

Returning back home helping in daughter’s homework, dinner, time with husband and family all to be completed by 10 pm.

Amazingly she got into her designer evening dress after 5 years and the weight machine says she is 72 kgs that is 5 kg less in 5 months.  She realized that another 8 more kgs lost will make things good for many other dress lying in the wardrobe almost unused and in new condition. 

The secret of how she reached 56 kgs and looking super fit. So she revealed that around 9 months back she has undergone bariatric surgery at local super speciality hospital and soon after things changed, she has lost a lot of weight and her diabetes range is almost normal and she is feeling great. She has also saved a lot of money as all the old clothes in her wardrobe is fitting her, almost no new shopping for last 9 months.  Jogita mentioned that she is now only continuing her morning walk 2-3 days week and she is not gaining weight. Yes she at times meet her doctor at the hospital and lives on healthy home cooked food. 

First were Mrs. Kapoor , Mr and Mrs Sen to take the contact of the hospital. I am hoping to see more people in our group slim and smart soon.