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Burns are caused intentionally or accidentally by dry heat (such as fire), wet heat (steam or hot liquid), radiation, friction, electricity & other highly corrosive agents. Pain management for burns differ in type & severity :

First Degree burn is considerably mild than other burns, resulting pain & reddening of the epidermis (Outer layer of the skin).
Second Degree burn (Partial thickness burn) affects both the epidermis & dermis (Lower layer of skin). It causes pain, redness, swelling & blistering.
Third Degree burn (Full thickness burn) is the most severe form of thermal injury, goes through the dermis & damages deeper tissues, muscles, nerves, blood vessels even bones.


DESUN has the most ultramodern and specialized facility for treating burn patients.
The “Burns Unit” of DESUN is actually a “Burns ICU” which has all the support facilities of a modern ICU like ventilators, 7 parameter haemodynamic monitors, syringe pumps, pulse oxymeters, defibrillators etc.
The Burns Unit is a totally separate enclosure having 6 beds with special mattresses to support the burn patients.
The air-conditioning system maintains humidity and temperature as per international standards recommended for Burns ICU and also has special feature of releasing Ozone. Inside the Burns Unit Ozone is maintained at an optimal level. It stimulates local cell regeneration thereby helps to heal faster.
Specially trained nurses and doctors handle the patients for Dressing, Grafting and Plastic Surgery.
One of the biggest problems faced during treatment of burn patients is infection. Here again in Kolkata, DESUN Hospital has Steel OTs and good infection control practices which reduces chance of infection during Grafting, Plastic Surgery and all stages of recovery process.
For the above mentioned reasons the chances of a burn patient’s survival is usually higher at DESUN than other hospitals.

DESUN is the only hospital which helps you in arranging Ambulances during such emergencies. A special Ambulance Cell works round the clock which picks up patients even at midnight from any locality, be it anywhere in Kolkata or the districts.

The 24 Hours Helpline Number is 90 5171 5171. Do save this number in your mobile now as one day it may save your life.