Back pain is a major concern in today’s world. Generally, middle aged people are used to suffer the most. But, due to our changing lifestyles, people of all ages are affected by it these days. Taking pain killers for instant relief may not be the permanent solution. While ignoring the problem may be more harmful and may even keep you bedridden.


Pain that shoots down the legs
Back stiffness
Numbness around the genitals, anus and buttocks

Slipped Disc : The soft tissues in the discs between the joints come out.

Bulging : The slipped out disc puts pressure on the nerve roots.

Degenerative Disc : The disc that acts as a shock absorber begins shrinking or tearing.

Spondylosisthesis : A bone in the spine slips forward and out of the place.

Spinal Stenosis : The spinal canal, narrowed, puts pressure on spine or nerves resulting numbness in legs and shoulders.

Spondyloarthropathy : Any joint disease of the vertibral column.

Pyogenic & Tubercular Infection : It is mainly bone & disc destruction.

An orthopaedic doctor will thoroughly examine the patient’s condition and determine the appropriate procedure alongwith required medical examination at DESUN Hospital, all under one roof. The advantage at DESUN is that a patient doesn’t have to wait 2-3 days for reports to come from other places.

DESUN Hospital has highly developed state-of-the-art infrastructure combining specialist doctors from 28 medical departments under one roof. It also has 94 ICU beds with one dedicated ventilator for each bed. Along with steel OTs, where all the walls are made of medical grade steel to prevent infection.

Mr. Chandra Sekhar Naskar

Bed Number: 7016

Problem: Urinary and Asthma Problem


I am about 82 and at my age, it’s very difficult to cope with health issues. Fortunately, DESUN is near my home! I was admitted a year ago for asthma and was treated under Dr. Mohit Kharbanda. Recently, I had urinary problems and was treated by Dr. Uttam Lodh. Thanks to the doctors and well-behaved staff members … Now, I am completely fit and fine!

Mrs. Gita Bhattacharjee

Bed Number: 6012

Problem: Urinary Tract Infection


Once, I had very high fever along with severe body pain and vomiting tendency. I am already so frail at 83 and at that time, nothing helped! My family decided to take me to DESUN and that was their best decision … The doctors detected urinary tract infection. Everyone including staff members took very good care of me and brought me back to life!

Mrs. Ruma Paul

Bed Number: 5064

Problem: Vertigo


I used to feel sudden dizziness but severe headaches were a new addition! I am only 35, I was scared and the headaches went so out of control that I had to be admitted at DESUN under Dr. Abhijit Bhatta. I was diagnosed with vertigo but everyone here including the staff is so great … I had no problem at all! Besides, most of my colleagues have told me about their good prior experience with DESUN. Naturally, in case of any medical emergency DESUN always comes first in my mind!

Mr. Samar Bose

Bed Number: 5017

Problem: Gall Bladder Stones


I had severe stomach pain and the pain got so unbearable that I had to be admitted after midnight. As soon as I was rushed to DESUN in their ambulance, the specialty doctors attended me immediately. They diagnosed me with stones in the gall bladder. After a critical treatment, I was operated successfully by Dr. Niloy Biswas and my stones were removed. Many of my family members have been treated here before and what’s best about DESUN is the mediclaim cashless facility along with excellent staff!