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Why Desun Hospital

Immediate attention leads to saving lives, which is why at DESUN Hospitals we maintain the largest network of local ambulances from your nearby area that are ready to reach you in your hour of need and ensure professional medical attention on time for all emergencies.

Largest Network

Emergency Helpline

Reach out for help at our toll free 24x7 Emergency helpline number - 86 9733 9733

Largest Network

Express Ambulance

Our wide network of ambulances saves response time by 50% for quicker medical attention.

Largest Network

Quick Response Team

Desun's Cardiac Specialists are on standby for every heart emergency for immediate medical attention.

Largest Network

24x7 Specialists On Call

Crisis can strike at any moment and our doctors are prepared for it day or night.

Largest Network

Just-in-Time Attention

In 2019, we resolved over 80% of life threatening incidents with our just in time attention

Largest Network

Widest TPA Assistance

We have tie ups with the widest range of TPA service providers to enable on time processing

Largest Network

4G Cath Lab

Advanced medical technology to perform any life saving procedures with proven recovery record.

Largest Network

Transparent Billing

We ensure affordable and honest pricing, for high quality health care services without ever compromising on patient care.


Desun has some of India's best specialist Cardologists & Cardiac Surgeons available on call round the clock. With Modern Operation Theatre, ICCU, Expert Team and Proven Post Operative Care, we aim to deliver excellence in coronary healthcare for you and your loved ones. Our unmatched professional expertise and patient care makes us one of the best Cardiac Care Hospitals in Siliguri.


Painless Radial Angiography

This is a Daycare Procedure (Admitted and Discharged on the same day), performed through Radial Route, which ensures less pain and faster recovery to the patient.



Here we use top rated, American-manufactured, high quality FDA approved cardiac stents at Government of India regulated prices for Coronary (Heart) Angioplasty (PTCA).


Pacemaker for heart

We provide low cost affordable packages for various types of pacemakers including Dual Chamber High Quality American Pacemaker to ensure a healthy functioning cardiac system.


Minimally Invasive Surgery (CABG)

Bypass Surgery (CABG) that uses Minimal Invasion technique to ensure smaller incisions, smaller scars, lowered risk of infection, very less pain and speedy recovery.


Advanced Diaognostics

Supported by ECG, Echo & TMT for accurate and precision based clinical evaluation.

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