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General & Laparoscopic Surgery


Department of General and Laparoscopic Surgery at DESUN Hospital, Siliguri is equipped with full fledged surgical unit having latest technology, infrastructure and is supported by experienced team of full time surgeons. It specialises in performing all types of major surgeries involving abdomen, soft tissues, skin, breast, appendix, hernia. Laparoscopic surgery is also known as Key-hole surgery or minimally invasive surgery. Patients receive latest treatments along with clinical post operative care and medicines. The advantages of this technique over traditional open surgery include:

  • A shorter hospital stay
  • Faster recovery time
  • Lesser pain
  • Less loss of blood
  • Reduced scars

The surgical team at Desun Hospital, Siliguri has competent & experienced surgeons who routinely perform complex surgical procedures through laparoscopic means. The team is also adept at carrying out bariatric surgery procedures.

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