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Desun Update : May 2016 - Doctors Choice

There are 61,000 hospitals in India. Less than 600 are recognised by the National Accreditation Board for Hospitals & Healthcare Providers (NABH). So what makes DESUN the youngest hospital to be awarded with the highest benchmark for Hospital Quality in India?

The 300-bedded Multispecialty Hospital with 28 Clinical Departments under one roof boasts of the latest amenities, such as Stainless Steel OT to prevent infections and 1 Ventilator per ICU (VEN ICU) facility. It also is one of the very few hospitals to have 24x7 Specialist Doctors who personally look into each critical patient even if it is 2 am at night. DESUN’s 24-hour Ambulance Network Service is available from anywhere in West Bengal and at any time; the dedicated Single Window Help Desk for cashless Mediclaim Solution and the Zero Waiting Time during admission/discharge all add to the wonderful patient’s experience.


No wonder DESUN is the most preferred hospital for eminent physicians referring their patients!

I have been closely associated with DESUN Hospital for the past few years. I always refer my patients to DESUN in times of emergency. I have also admitted my family members several times for various treatments. I am very satisfied with DESUN’s services. What’s best about this hospital … is the cooperation the patients get during medical emergencies and non-medical issues like transparency in billing systems.

Dr. Kanad Kumar Das

Brahmapur, Kolkata 700 096

May 9, 2016


DESUN has one of the best Operating Theatres, as per my knowledge, with the only Steel OT in the entire city. Thanks to the Special OT and the surgical efficiency of the surgeons, there have been minimal post-operative complications.That apart, DESUN’s prompt treatment to critical patients, excellent emergency management systems and constant updates on referral cases deserve a special mention.Thank you for taking good care, DESUN!

Dr. Dipankar Banerjee

Swati A2, 98 Rajdanga Gold Park. Kolkata 700 017

May 9, 2016


I am extremely satisfied with the way DESUN has treated and cared for my referred patients. Keep it up, DESUN!

Dr. Arnab Dasgupta

B 30, Aurobinda Park, Kolkata 700 093

May 10, 2016


I always refer my critical patients to DESUN. Not only, have they been successfully treated and cured but the team of Specialist Doctors have also ensured that patients are looked into personally, even if it is at odd hours! That has given way for quick diagnosis and faster treatment for each of my patients. I am happy with the way the DESUN Management has been able to provide an infrastructure that promises top-notch medical support and amenities that are class apart.

Dr. Mritunjoy Neogi

P-2D, Golf Club Road, Kolkata 700 033

May 11, 2016


Doctors have always preferred DESUN for referring critical patients, because of DESUN’s 24 X 7 dedicated service, round the clock availability of consultants, well trained staff and latest technology.


Good To Great

How DESUN’s Ortho-Care Team delivers stunning clinical outcomes!

Constantly implementing techniques based on latest global standards has transformed DESUN Hospital Services from Good to Great !

In the previous issue of DESUN Update we had discussed about the measures taken by the DESUN for OT Infection Control. In this issue we shall discuss about more Advance Infection Control Protocols in DESUN's OT AT DESUN “PREVENTION IS CURE” Advance Preventive Measures for reducing Surgical Site Infections One of the biggest fears before any surgeon does an operation are that of OT infection during or after the operation. If OT infections occur , even the best surgeon is rendered helpless. That is why, DESUN has a dedicated & Specified Surgical Infection Control Team (SSICT) to continuously monitor and prevent Pre-operative, Intraoperative & Post-operative Infections.


DESUN Special Five Pre-operative Intiatives for reducing SSI:

Pre-surgical Special Identification:

At DESUN, we mandatorily identify and treat all infection remote to the surgical site before elective operation and postpone elective operations on patients with remote site infections until the infection has resolved.

Blood Sugar Control:

Serum blood glucose levels are adequately controlled in diabetic patients.

Special Antiseptic Painting:

The patient is painted with 10 % povidone-iodine before transferring him/her to the operating theatre.

Tobacco Elimination:

We constantly encourage tobacco cessation and instruct patients to abstain from smoking cigarettes, cigars, pipes, or other form of tobacco consumption before elective operation.

Hospital Stay Monitoring:

The DESUN Team keeps pre-operative hospital stay as short as possible.


DESUN Super Eight Perioperative Precautions taken by SSICT:

Maintaining General Hygiene:

Staff members do not wear hand or arm jewellery and keep their nails short and clean, and also avoid wearing artificial nails.

Special Preoperative Surgical Scrubbing:

A pre-operative surgical scrub is mandatorily done for at least 6 minutes to prevent infections.

Mandatory Precautions before entering the OT :

  • Wearing a surgical mask.
  • Wearing a headcap/hood.
  • Wearing sterile gowns and sterile gloves.

Continuous Incision Observation:

The incision area is thoroughly washed and cleaned with sterile instruments to remove gross contamination.

Tissue Handling:

Tissue is handled gently. Effective homeostasis is maintained to minimise devitalised tissues and foreign bodies, and eradicate dead space at the surgical site.

Drainage Procedure:

If drainage is necessary, a closed suction drain is used to minimise infection.


Infection Statistics at DESUN:

Over all infection rate at Desun is less than 0.6%.


Final Post-operative Measures for reducing SSI:

Sterile Dressing:

The incision is protected post-operatively for 24-48 hours with a sterile dressing.

Hand Hygiene:

Hands are washed mandatorily before and after dressing changes.

Patient Education:

The patient and his/her family are adequately informed regarding proper incision site care, symptoms of SSI and the need to report such symptoms.



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