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Desun Today : August 2017 - This Puja send your worries on a holiday

Tomar Chuti Amar noy

Every year, as the puja fever sets in Bengal, there is always a nagging fear that seems to plague the citizens of the State...


What if my near and dear ones get into an accident during the 5 days of Durga Puja when most of the Hospital Critical Care Staffs are on holiday?

If past records are something to go by, a majority of medicare facilities, both in private and public healthcare sectors are simply inoperative during those days. So even if one is able to admit his patient in an ICU, there are no specialist doctors or infrastructure available to take charge or operate if necessary.



What if my family doctor is unavailable during an emergency?

Afterall, it is but human for doctors to be on leave once in a year. But what if a medical emergency springs up? Whom does the patient party look forward to for consultation on something that is as crucial as life and death?



What if it’s after midnight during the Pujas and there are no guaranteed ambulance services to help any of my near and dear ones who could be in need of critical medical attention?

With the entire state geared up for the festive season, essential services like Ambulance also takes a hit. And more often than not, getting something as essential as an ambulance becomes a nightmare!



Life First. Holidays can wait _

Year after year, DESUN’s team, instead of enjoying the pujas with their family and friends, work tirelessly at the hospital to save lives.

Take last year, for example. More than 1 month period between Biswakarma Puja and Kali Puja, DESUN managed to successfully treat over 150 cases. And, quite understandably so. In Emergencies like Heart Attack, Brain Stroke, Accident, Burns, Coma, medical treatment at DESUN continues in full swing day and night throughout the Festive season - year after year.


How does desun make it possible ?

Like every year this year too, DESUN is fully functional during the festive season to save precious lives with

  • 300 bedded multispeciality hospital with 28 clinical department having dedicated team of Specialist Doctors from various disciplines namely Cardiologists, Neuro Surgeons, Plastic Surgeons, Vascular Surgeon, Orthopaedic Surgeons & Critical Care Doctors.
  • All the 6 Critical Care Units having a total of 94 beds & Burns Unit of 6 beds will be fully staffed.
  • 10 OT’s will be fully functional day & night including team of OT Nurses, Technicians & CSSD Department.
  • Pathological Lab, Imaging, Cardiology with other diagnostics & Pharmacy are functional 24 hours.
  • DESUN’s 24x7 Emergency Ambulance Service is fully geared up to bring in critically ill patients from anywhere in Bengal.


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