DESUN Asthma Clinic


DESUN Asthma Clinic


At DESUN Asthma Clinic the patients are made aware to lead a near to normal life with asthma. DESUN’s Specialist Team will make you understand your problem, its cause and prevention. Special advice about Asthma with other diseases, in pregnancy care and while going to a new place, etc. will also be provided. In an emergency nebulizer or even intravenous medicines will be made available to you.

Some quick facts on Asthma


How can I prevent an Asthma attack?

There are many things that you can do to help prevent worsening of your Asthma and an Asthma attack. Some of the most important are:

  • Minimise Asthma Triggers: People with Asthma can take an active role in controlling their condition by identifying those things that trigger their Asthma attacks and taking measures to minimise these triggers at home and at work or school. If there is a situation where you cannot avoid the trigger, pre treatment with appropriate medications prescribed by your doctor may help prevent symptoms.
  • Take Your Asthma Medicines: Many people with Chronic Asthma take drugs that decrease the inflammation of the airways. Studies show that taking these drugs on a daily basis decrease your risk of having Asthma attacks. If your doctor puts you on a daily Asthma medication, it is important that you take it as prescribed and DON’T MISS A DOSE!


Can Asthma Drugs affect my baby if I’m pregnant?

It is normal for mothers-to-be to feel uneasy taking medications while pregnant.



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