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Desun Today : April 2017 - Why Desun’s Critical Care is still your Best Choice?

Why Desun’s Critical Care is still your Best Choice?

Advanced Infrastructural facilities :

  • Desun Hospital, Kolkata is having the largest number of ICU/ITU including unique 1:1 ventilator support system for each bed & "Desun ICU" which has all the support facilities of a modern ICU like ventilators, 7 parameter haemodynamic monitors, syringe pumps, pulse oxymeters, defibrillators etc.
  • Unique Human Resources in Desun Critical Care :

    Desun ICU is having unique round-the-clock coverage of Consultant & Associate Consultant Team backed up by HOD & Director-Critical Care.
  • Advanced Nursing Facilities in Desun Critical Care :

    Desun ICU is having 2:1 Nursing ratio for all critical care Bed comprising all BSc & GNM nurses. Desun is having regular Nursing development programme for technical advancements.

  • Unique 24x7 LCD-Monitoring system in Desun Critical Care :

    In Desun ICU we have LCD-Monitoring system in all Nursing Stations for round-the-clock adequate & fastest observation & monitoring for each patient.
  • Adequate Pressure Ulcer Monitoring Desun Critical Care :

    In Desun ICU, we are having Air Mattress in each ICU beds & a separate team for prevention & control of Pressure Ulcers for critically ill patients.
  • Equipped Infection-Control Team for Desun Critical Care :

    As Desun is the youngest NABH accredited Hospital & successfully renewed the NABH accreditation twice in a row, we are having one of the strongest NABH guided infection-control team with the outcome of minimal secondary infection rate at ICU.

70% Burn Patients Saved at DESUN

Critically ill Burn patient brought to Desun after initial treatment at local Nursing home.

Mrs. Madhabi Ghosal from Nadia was brought to DESUN with 70% burns at midnight on a sunday. Eight days ago she badly met a severe burn injury by a stove burst. She was admitted 5 days ago to a local nursing home. Her family was in panic as local nursing home had announced that cure was impossible and she may die. The family came to DESUN with a ray of hope.


Quickest Identification of abnormal Haemodynamical Parameters :

At emergency, primarily Desun’s expertise medical team identifies that it was 70% deep burn along with major organ damage & severe respiratory distress associated with a massive cardiac arrest just few hours ago. Immediately the patient was shifted to Desun’s Burns Unit with all major paramedical support. A team of doctors comprising of Plastic Surgeon, Internal Medicine, Cardiologist, Clinical Nutritionist and General Surgeon immediately attended her. As the saturation was very low, immediately the patient was put into advanced Mechanical Ventilator support. Advanced pathological investigations like Procalcitonine, CRP, ABG, Blood Culture were sent to know the exact haemodynamic condition.


Best Possible treatment started immediately:

All major investigations revealed that the patient is in severe sepsis & septic shock. Immediately expertise critical care team started the best possible treatment with high end IV antibiotics & life support measures. Expertise Plastic Surgeon’s team started the ‘grafting’ & ‘wound dressing’ in a periodical interval with help of our specialized Surgical Team at advanced 4th generation Steel OT. She was also regularly monitored by our expertise Physiotherapy Team to improve her body's functions. After 2 months, Mrs. Madhabi Ghosal walked out of the hospital.



DESUN Hospital's Critical Care Team is expertised in handling all major complicated cases specially referred from other centres few days after the initial treatment, when the complicacy arises in much more difficult way.

The 24 Hours Helpline Number is 90 5171 5171. Do save this number in your mobile now as one day it may save your life.



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